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Franziska Kunsmann f068dee35e
moar aliases
2 weeks ago
.bin update voc-ansible scripts 1 month ago
.config moar aliases 2 weeks ago
.gnupg add gnupg config 4 months ago
.mutt update neomutt config 7 months ago
.screenlayout Revert "autostart netctl dhcp profile when docked" 3 months ago
Pictures 1080p image should really be 1080p 3 months ago
.fehbg Change wallpaper and lock screen image 3 months ago
.gitconfig moar aliases 2 weeks ago
.gitignore add gitignore 1 year ago
.gitmodules update mutt config, add dracula theme 8 months ago
.muttrc update mutt config 3 months ago
.neomuttrc Update mutt config 4 months ago
.pam_environment switch to fish 7 months ago
.vimrc vimrc: add :w!! 3 weeks ago